PR Contest

October 2, 2011 at 3:02 pm (regular) (, )

My October plans have changed a bit already. I was hoping to color block the Vogue dress for the PR Contest but the only way to get three shades of pink would be to order online.  I’m too nervous to order the fabric and have either the shades or the actual fabric not work together.  JoAnn’s and Hancock Fabrics are the only fabric stores that really are accessible to me to shop in person and neither had what I was looking for.  That’s been the case for a few projects in the past and I always end up settling on something I’m not excited about but will work for the pattern.  So, this weekend, I picked a new project for the contest, found some fabric online and ended up taking advantage of Fabric Mart’s sale fabrics (and the fact that I was already paying for shipping) to stock up for future projects.  I’ll share what I ordered and what I plan to do with each when it actually arrives because I also ordered a mystery bundle and I’d rather just post about it all at once. 

(I should probably add the caveat that when I say I can’t find fabric, I mean I can’t find the fabric I have in mind, in my price range.)

Below is a little mock up of my new PR Contest idea.  I got the idea as soon as I saw the fabric because it reminded me of a pair of gold brocade shorts I bought from Banana Republic this summer.  The pattern has a couple good reviews already and I’m excited to try out the pattern before I commit to making an entire pair of pants out of it.  I was planning on pairing it with a light pink bow blouse but again, I had trouble finding exactly what I was looking for in a fabric.  I’ll probably still make a bow blouse to go with it but it most likely won’t be in pink and therefore not another entry in the contest.


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