Weekend Inspiration

October 15, 2011 at 3:40 am (regular) ()

I get a ridiculous amount of emails every day from retailers advertising their newest items and in store and online sales.  This isn’t the best idea for someone who has a shopping problem so I should probably unsubscribe, but lately I’ve actually been taking away some great inspiration for sewing instead.  I’m not really to the point yet where I can alter patterns to really closely match the original items so if I do ever make anything, they’ll just be very loose interpretations.

Let’s start with something inspiration for you (because I definitely can’t do it!):  Now I have no idea how to even begin recreating this but I had to start with it because I saw it in my inbox and really want it, especially in Navy, but it’s $248 and that’s almost a car payment…  Maybe I’ll submit it to the ladies over at Sew Weekly for their Make This Look section!  Which if you haven’t visited either sites, you really should.    (If it’s hard to tell from the photo, the bottom unbuttons from the top to become a skirt with a wide waistband.)

Anthropologie Crazy Expensive Button Belted Dress

Inspiration I could actually attempt:  This dress is on sale at The Outnet this weekend but they only have a size 2 in stock.  It looks like it has sold out!  But I think if you take almost any shirt dress pattern, add a seam on either side of the buttons, shorten the sleeves and make it in a fun, larger print, you could have a pretty similar dress.

Mikael Aghal Floral Print Dress, Originally $350

Bonus inspiration for a pattern and/or fabric I already own:  This paisley skirt from J.Crew almost has me convinced that I should make a pencil skirt out of the pink paisley brocade i just bought from Fabric Mart.

J. Crew Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley, $128!

I’m not really crazy about any of the pencil skirt patterns I have.  I just want a simple pattern with a front piece, back piece and smallish waistband (just like the J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt).  Right now I have Simplicity 2475 which has seams down the front and back, Butterick 5566 which doesn’t have a waistband and Simplicity 2343 which either has pleats or angled seams on the front.  Who would have thought finding a pencil skirt pattern would have been so difficult?


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