Weekend Inspiration

October 28, 2011 at 8:00 am (regular) ()

I’ve mentioned Sew Weekly before and their Make This Look section, and I’ll probably mention in a hundred times in the future so it seems appropriate to pull inspiration from their website.  I look forward to each new Make This Look entry and I can’t wait to actually make one of them.  Also, it saves me the trouble of finding patterns to match with inspiration pieces!

This is probably my favorite right now.  No clue where I would wear it but I think it’s so pretty.  I have no experience with edging lace, overlays or working with a predetermined hem (such as border prints or scalloped lace) so I’d be able to tick off new skills if I made it.

My closet could definitely use a fun, printed blazer.  I have this pattern already and actually used a different view from it to make my Think Pink contest entry, but I don’t know if I’m interested in making the view they use here.  Although, I do like the idea of not contributing to my crazy pattern stash.  What is probably deterring me from this view is the fabric its made out of on the pattern envelope.

I love this dress.  Usually flowy skirts can look too girlie and sweet on me, so I don’t know how the combination of a flowy skirt in a flowery print would look.  It’s still one of my favorite MTLs so far.




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