Weekend Inspiration

November 11, 2011 at 8:00 am (regular) (, )

I’ve been bit by the jacket bug so in addition to last week’s Weekend Inspiration and my lust for the December Burda jackets, here are a few more patterns I think we should all consider.  I feel like I should make use of all of this jacket pattern hunting and start a challenge (especially if I find myself drowning in purchased patterns!)  Maybe a jacket per month kind of thing?  Would anyone join me?  Well, while the wheels are turning, here are a few more I think are pretty:

Burdastyle 3/2011 Peplum Jacket #120 – I think this jacket would help with my need for waist definition.  A different fabric, especially color, would be a must.

Just a side note, Burda’s line drawings don’t do a lot of these jackets justice; it makes me wonder if that’s why some of these patterns have so little to no reviews on Burda’s site.

Burdastyle 3/2011 Blouson Jacket #128 – A perfect example of Burda’s line drawings not doing a garment justice.  I had no idea it was a cropped jacket.  Very cute on the model, not so cute in the line drawing or on the mannequin.

Burdastyle 1/2011 Jacket with Invisible Snaps #106 – I love this jacket.  I love the fabric.  I love the red.  That is all.


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Recent Purchases

November 8, 2011 at 4:34 pm (regular) (, )

On Sunday, I stopped by Joann’s to take advantage of their Simplicity pattern sale and the 25% off Friends and Family coupon.  I actually had at least 10 patterns picked out but I think it was the night before that I flipped through the Burda previews and decided on subscribing.  That made me lose a lot of interest in most of the patterns.  I ended up with four patterns, and fabric for one of them.  I spent entirely too long trying to find a photo of the fabric on Joann’s website so I’ll just wait to show it when the dress is done.

I know this dress is very summery but I bought it to make the jacket now and the dress later.  I visit my parents in Florida for the holidays so if I get around to it, I actually wouldn’t mind making the dress for that trip.

I have View A with the wrap waiting to be cut out of the new fabric.  I’m making it without sleeves so I can also bring this to Florida or throw a jacket or cardigan over it for work.

I passed over this pattern multiple times until I saw it used on one of Sew Weekly’s Make This Look posts.  I think Simplicity’s photo stylings make this dress look very girly, too girly for me at least.  I had a dark purple cotton fabric in my cart that I think would help avoid that but I put it back at the last minute.  I already have a bit of a stash accumulated from my Fabric Mart purchase and I just can’t stand to have that much fabric sitting unused.  I think I must be one of the few people that sew that also can’t maintain a stash.  That might be a topic for another day.

I read through a lot of Gertie’s Lady Grey Sew Along and got inspired to make my own winter coat.  There are a lot of things I’d like to make first before I consume my time with such a project, but I bought this pattern because I like the style and to have instructions to read through.  For a dollar, I figured it couldn’t hurt…although the fact that it’s a Project Runway pattern doesn’t make it the easiest instructions to read through.

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December Burda Preview

November 7, 2011 at 9:47 pm (regular) (, , )

For a while, I think Burda’s magazine was getting a lot of negative reviews.  I was just starting to sew so I wasn’t even interested in committing to a magazine subscription.  Once I realized I wasn’t going to quit sewing anytime soon, I still didn’t consider getting a subscription because of those reviews.  However, PR message boards have been bringing the past couple months’ previews to my attention and I’ve actually liked a ton of the patterns!  It’s possible the past couple issues have improved, or maybe I just have completely different taste than those commenting on the message boards.  (If the latter is true, then I’m in the minority and maybe should start worrying about my style??)  Well, I decided to ask for a subscription for Christmas, just 6 months to start.  Even if I bought it for myself, I think the numbers make sense.  In the US, it’s $48 for a 6 month subscription that contains 30-40 patterns per issue (if I remember correctly).  If you buy the patterns off of the website, they’re about $5.40 each.  So if you only make two patterns per issue, you’re ahead!  Considering how many patterns I like in the November and December issues alone, I’d be getting more than my money’s worth.  Here are some of my favorites (I can’t tell you how hard it was not to include every single photo:

Seriously, that was me restraining myself.  I want every.single.pattern.  And did you see all of those jackets?!?!?! I’m beyond excited.  Also, I love her hair.

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Weekend Inspiration

November 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm (regular) ()

It’s Friday!  The temperature is dropping and nothing sounds better this weekend than putting on some comfortable clothes, having a mug of hot chocolate and relaxing.

For this Weekend Inspiration, I perused Pinterest and stumbled upon the picture below which I think perfectly sums up one of my favorite casual outfits.  A tee shirt and jeans is a definite go-to for me, but lately, I’ve been striving to look a bit more put together, and dare I say stylish?  I love how throwing a jacket on top and adding a statement necklace dresses up the white tee and jeans combo.

And some of my (current) favorite jacket patterns:

Burdastyle 09/2011 Asymmetrical Jacket #126 – Minus the extra long bell sleeve openings, I love this jacket.

McCall’s 6172 – From the photo, this jacket doesn’t seem to be of the style that works for me, (I need some waist definition to avoid looking like a teenage boy) so I’ve passed it over multiple times on my hunt for the perfect jacket pattern.  However, after seeing this version, with the right fabric, I think it could be a great casual jacket.

Vogue 8714 – I like how this jacket can look like two completely different jackets depending on whether it is buttoned.  However, I think the right fabric is more important than usual with this one.

Burdastyle 07/2011 Sweatshirt Jacket #119A – I want to make this one ASAP.  What could be a better addition to a casual outfit than a jacket made out of sweatshirt fabric?

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