Weekend Inspiration

November 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm (regular) ()

It’s Friday!  The temperature is dropping and nothing sounds better this weekend than putting on some comfortable clothes, having a mug of hot chocolate and relaxing.

For this Weekend Inspiration, I perused Pinterest and stumbled upon the picture below which I think perfectly sums up one of my favorite casual outfits.  A tee shirt and jeans is a definite go-to for me, but lately, I’ve been striving to look a bit more put together, and dare I say stylish?  I love how throwing a jacket on top and adding a statement necklace dresses up the white tee and jeans combo.

And some of my (current) favorite jacket patterns:

Burdastyle 09/2011 Asymmetrical Jacket #126 – Minus the extra long bell sleeve openings, I love this jacket.

McCall’s 6172 – From the photo, this jacket doesn’t seem to be of the style that works for me, (I need some waist definition to avoid looking like a teenage boy) so I’ve passed it over multiple times on my hunt for the perfect jacket pattern.  However, after seeing this version, with the right fabric, I think it could be a great casual jacket.

Vogue 8714 – I like how this jacket can look like two completely different jackets depending on whether it is buttoned.  However, I think the right fabric is more important than usual with this one.

Burdastyle 07/2011 Sweatshirt Jacket #119A – I want to make this one ASAP.  What could be a better addition to a casual outfit than a jacket made out of sweatshirt fabric?


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