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November 8, 2011 at 4:34 pm (regular) (, )

On Sunday, I stopped by Joann’s to take advantage of their Simplicity pattern sale and the 25% off Friends and Family coupon.  I actually had at least 10 patterns picked out but I think it was the night before that I flipped through the Burda previews and decided on subscribing.  That made me lose a lot of interest in most of the patterns.  I ended up with four patterns, and fabric for one of them.  I spent entirely too long trying to find a photo of the fabric on Joann’s website so I’ll just wait to show it when the dress is done.

I know this dress is very summery but I bought it to make the jacket now and the dress later.  I visit my parents in Florida for the holidays so if I get around to it, I actually wouldn’t mind making the dress for that trip.

I have View A with the wrap waiting to be cut out of the new fabric.  I’m making it without sleeves so I can also bring this to Florida or throw a jacket or cardigan over it for work.

I passed over this pattern multiple times until I saw it used on one of Sew Weekly’s Make This Look posts.  I think Simplicity’s photo stylings make this dress look very girly, too girly for me at least.  I had a dark purple cotton fabric in my cart that I think would help avoid that but I put it back at the last minute.  I already have a bit of a stash accumulated from my Fabric Mart purchase and I just can’t stand to have that much fabric sitting unused.  I think I must be one of the few people that sew that also can’t maintain a stash.  That might be a topic for another day.

I read through a lot of Gertie’s Lady Grey Sew Along and got inspired to make my own winter coat.  There are a lot of things I’d like to make first before I consume my time with such a project, but I bought this pattern because I like the style and to have instructions to read through.  For a dollar, I figured it couldn’t hurt…although the fact that it’s a Project Runway pattern doesn’t make it the easiest instructions to read through.


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