September 24, 2011 at 11:54 am (photo)

A couple nights ago, we pulled this machine out of storage.  I bought it at least a year ago off of craigslist mainly because I needed a little laptop desk in my apartment. It was cheap enough that I wasn’t concerned with whether the machine actually worked.  (It does).

I currently sew with my mom’s old Singer Genie 353 and while it works great, after doing a little reading the other night, I realized I probably will never be able to do button holes on this machine. 

I did some research on this machine and found out it is a Singer 66 from 1951.  I think I’ve figured out which Singer or Greist buttonholer it needs but I’m hoping to verify with someone before I actually order it.

All of this research though on both machines has really piqued my interest in vintage sewing machines.  I might have caught the collecting bug…which will be much to my boyfriend’s chagrin.


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