Weekend Inspiration

November 11, 2011 at 8:00 am (regular) (, )

I’ve been bit by the jacket bug so in addition to last week’s Weekend Inspiration and my lust for the December Burda jackets, here are a few more patterns I think we should all consider.  I feel like I should make use of all of this jacket pattern hunting and start a challenge (especially if I find myself drowning in purchased patterns!)  Maybe a jacket per month kind of thing?  Would anyone join me?  Well, while the wheels are turning, here are a few more I think are pretty:

Burdastyle 3/2011 Peplum Jacket #120 – I think this jacket would help with my need for waist definition.  A different fabric, especially color, would be a must.

Just a side note, Burda’s line drawings don’t do a lot of these jackets justice; it makes me wonder if that’s why some of these patterns have so little to no reviews on Burda’s site.

Burdastyle 3/2011 Blouson Jacket #128 – A perfect example of Burda’s line drawings not doing a garment justice.  I had no idea it was a cropped jacket.  Very cute on the model, not so cute in the line drawing or on the mannequin.

Burdastyle 1/2011 Jacket with Invisible Snaps #106 – I love this jacket.  I love the fabric.  I love the red.  That is all.


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Weekend Inspiration

November 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm (regular) ()

It’s Friday!  The temperature is dropping and nothing sounds better this weekend than putting on some comfortable clothes, having a mug of hot chocolate and relaxing.

For this Weekend Inspiration, I perused Pinterest and stumbled upon the picture below which I think perfectly sums up one of my favorite casual outfits.  A tee shirt and jeans is a definite go-to for me, but lately, I’ve been striving to look a bit more put together, and dare I say stylish?  I love how throwing a jacket on top and adding a statement necklace dresses up the white tee and jeans combo.

And some of my (current) favorite jacket patterns:

Burdastyle 09/2011 Asymmetrical Jacket #126 – Minus the extra long bell sleeve openings, I love this jacket.

McCall’s 6172 – From the photo, this jacket doesn’t seem to be of the style that works for me, (I need some waist definition to avoid looking like a teenage boy) so I’ve passed it over multiple times on my hunt for the perfect jacket pattern.  However, after seeing this version, with the right fabric, I think it could be a great casual jacket.

Vogue 8714 – I like how this jacket can look like two completely different jackets depending on whether it is buttoned.  However, I think the right fabric is more important than usual with this one.

Burdastyle 07/2011 Sweatshirt Jacket #119A – I want to make this one ASAP.  What could be a better addition to a casual outfit than a jacket made out of sweatshirt fabric?

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Weekend Inspiration

October 28, 2011 at 8:00 am (regular) ()

I’ve mentioned Sew Weekly before and their Make This Look section, and I’ll probably mention in a hundred times in the future so it seems appropriate to pull inspiration from their website.  I look forward to each new Make This Look entry and I can’t wait to actually make one of them.  Also, it saves me the trouble of finding patterns to match with inspiration pieces!

This is probably my favorite right now.  No clue where I would wear it but I think it’s so pretty.  I have no experience with edging lace, overlays or working with a predetermined hem (such as border prints or scalloped lace) so I’d be able to tick off new skills if I made it.

My closet could definitely use a fun, printed blazer.  I have this pattern already and actually used a different view from it to make my Think Pink contest entry, but I don’t know if I’m interested in making the view they use here.  Although, I do like the idea of not contributing to my crazy pattern stash.  What is probably deterring me from this view is the fabric its made out of on the pattern envelope.

I love this dress.  Usually flowy skirts can look too girlie and sweet on me, so I don’t know how the combination of a flowy skirt in a flowery print would look.  It’s still one of my favorite MTLs so far.



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Weekend Inspiration

October 15, 2011 at 3:40 am (regular) ()

I get a ridiculous amount of emails every day from retailers advertising their newest items and in store and online sales.  This isn’t the best idea for someone who has a shopping problem so I should probably unsubscribe, but lately I’ve actually been taking away some great inspiration for sewing instead.  I’m not really to the point yet where I can alter patterns to really closely match the original items so if I do ever make anything, they’ll just be very loose interpretations.

Let’s start with something inspiration for you (because I definitely can’t do it!):  Now I have no idea how to even begin recreating this but I had to start with it because I saw it in my inbox and really want it, especially in Navy, but it’s $248 and that’s almost a car payment…  Maybe I’ll submit it to the ladies over at Sew Weekly for their Make This Look section!  Which if you haven’t visited either sites, you really should.    (If it’s hard to tell from the photo, the bottom unbuttons from the top to become a skirt with a wide waistband.)

Anthropologie Crazy Expensive Button Belted Dress

Inspiration I could actually attempt:  This dress is on sale at The Outnet this weekend but they only have a size 2 in stock.  It looks like it has sold out!  But I think if you take almost any shirt dress pattern, add a seam on either side of the buttons, shorten the sleeves and make it in a fun, larger print, you could have a pretty similar dress.

Mikael Aghal Floral Print Dress, Originally $350

Bonus inspiration for a pattern and/or fabric I already own:  This paisley skirt from J.Crew almost has me convinced that I should make a pencil skirt out of the pink paisley brocade i just bought from Fabric Mart.

J. Crew Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley, $128!

I’m not really crazy about any of the pencil skirt patterns I have.  I just want a simple pattern with a front piece, back piece and smallish waistband (just like the J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt).  Right now I have Simplicity 2475 which has seams down the front and back, Butterick 5566 which doesn’t have a waistband and Simplicity 2343 which either has pleats or angled seams on the front.  Who would have thought finding a pencil skirt pattern would have been so difficult?

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